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Single Phase Capacitor

Powercap single phase Capacitor Banks normally come equipped with individually fused single-phase double-bushing capacitors. The capacitors are typically connected in an ungrounded-wye configuration, but can be connected in a grounded-wye configuration or a double-ungrounded-wye configuration for technical or preferential reasons.
The capacitors have a low loss, non-PCB, all film design that meet or exceeds IEEE, IEC, and ANSI standards. Powercap utilizes capacitors from one of three suppliers based upon quality, price, leadtime, and availabiliy at time of order. Specific request for a particular supplier may be made when initiating a request for quote from Powercap.
Single Phase Capacitor

Single Bushings Capacitors

Single bushing hot runners offer an ideal solution for medium to large injection molded plastic parts with a gate diameter of up to 10mm. Both valve gated and thermal gated systems feature precision wear and corrosion resistant components that can handle even the most demanding polymers, additives and fillers

Double bushing Capacitors

A Double bushing is a hollow insulating liner through which a conductor may pass. Bushings appear on transformers, circuit breakers and other high voltage equipment.Some of the higher voltage types are called capacitor bushings because they form a low value capacitor between the conductor and the wall. This is done to reduce the electrical field stress that would otherwise occur and cause breakdown.



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